“In this delightful story, Cassie is welcomed to a new home filled with music, but when Mrs. Applebaum, doesn’t seem to understand what Cassie is saying, or how talented she is, the happy little dog becomes an unhappy little dog” ~ Connie Kuntz, Editor Rockford Writers’ Guild.


“Cassie’s Marvelous Music Lessons is one of the best children’s books in print. It not only presents a happy family-oriented story, but also inspires your readers to pursue music – something we can always use. If you are looking for gifts, this book is perfect for children of a wide range of ages. I look forward to more adventures with Cassie and future books from the author, Sheri Poe-Pape” ~ Daniel Slabaugh


“Purchased this book for my daughter who just began taking piano lessons and loves dogs. A great story sharing how animals can communicate with humans to get what they want. We hope to see more books about more dog adventures from Mrs. Poe-Pape.” ~ Kristine Leider, Belvidere, IL

“This is a great book for all children to read. My children enjoyed the story as well as the artwork. I would highly recommend this book for parents to read to their children; especially if they love animals and music. Also I want to thank Mrs Pape for signing her book for my children. I look forward to more books form Mrs Pape in the future.” ~ Brad Foote 

 Sheri’s Amazing!

To all the book lovers out there young and old! Don’t miss the opportunity to read and learn about a special lady inside and out! Sheri Poe Pape is an amazing daughter, wife, mother, piano teacher and children’s book writer! She writes and speaks from her heart and soul. Her students love her and her beautiful dog. Hence, that why she started writing. Sheri and her dog were best friends and soulmates! Get out there and get that beautiful author’s book! Cassie’s Marvelous Music Lessons by Sheri Poe Pape. A perfect gift for all ages and occasions!!! ~ Terese A. Sartino, LMT


Cassie’s Marvelous Music Lessons is a delightful picture book about a piano teacher, Mrs. Applebaum, and her dog, Cassie, who wants to help teach her piano students, too.
Mrs. Applebaum solves the problem by getting Cassie her very own yellow piano with a bright pink bench pillow. Now they can both happily give lessons! Wonderful illustrations, also! ~ Judy Salley


“Cassie’s Marvelous Music Lessons” is truly a timeless and unique book!  I see it selling even eight to ten years from now!~Doris Wenzel, Mayhaven Publishing